If you're here, you probably want to contribute.

How nice! But how do you do that?

This is how!

How do i submit a story?

To submit a story, PM the story in text form to PartyEscortBotBeans. You will later recieve a message confirming that your submission has been recieved, then your story will be published in comic form to the website, along with a link to your profile!

What are the rules about submissions?

  • Remember to submit your story in text form.
  • Do not submit true stories. You can do so at
  • Please do not add sexual content to your story.
  • Remember that this site is for stupid customers, not stupid employees.
  • Please give details about where your story takes place; in a supermarket, fast food, etc.
  • Don't forget to give your story a title!

If your story does not infrige any of those rules, you will certainly see it on this website!

When will i see my submission on the website?

It depends entirely on me and the amount of other submissions. Quite often, you'll see it shortly after submitting it, but there are some cases where you'll have to wait longer. But don't worry! You will not have to wait very long until you see it.

That's it. Click here for my profile!