Special Keywords

Certain kinds of stories can be searched, here's how:

  • Searching idwh will give you all stories where a customer confuses another customer for an employee.
  • The usual categories of extra stupidcrazy requestsbigotry, criminal & illegal, etc. can be searched using their category names.
  • You can also search a story by job: for example, searching computer repair will give you all stories in a computer repair company.
  • Searching phone will give you all stories that take place on the phone.
  • Searching cmplt will give you all stories where a customer makes a stupid complaint.
  • Searching ncbh will give you all stories where a customer promises to never come back at a store.
  • Search announcements for a list of important announcements about the comic. Remember to check often to not miss any of them!
  • Search submitted for a list of stories submitted by readers. Many thanks to them!
  • Additionnally, you can search a submitted story by author.